Scarpone’s Gnocchi

Scarpone’s Gnocchi are soft pillowy potato dumplings. A classic Italian pasta makes for a hearty meal regardless of how you serve them.

Bake with cheeses, saute with vegetables, dress in a tangy tomato sauce or even served with our very own home made pesto found in the freezer section of our store, they are a delicious meal.

Find them in our store and available wholesale. Other products available: Gnocchetti and cheese Gnocchi.

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  1. Is this gluten-free products still available? We love it and went to buy again, all there was was a mix of flour and potato gnocchi. I would hate to not be able to get this again as it delicious gnocchi, please let me know.

    • Thank you for your inquiry. Yes the gluten-free Scarpone’s gnocchi is available! The Italian Store, our retail store, is open Mon-Sat, 9-5pm.

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