San Giuliano Olive Oils

San Giuliano Olive Oils, Pride of Sardinia

We are pleased to announce we have been designated the Canadian Distributor for San Giuliano Extra Virgin and Organic Olive Oils. This olive oil is available in our store, The Italian Store in Calgary, Alberta and through our food distribution ...
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Anise Pizelle

Pizzelle Waffle Cookie

Pizzelle Italian waffle cookies by Reko are crisp, sweet and a light bite. Known for subtle flavours, the are addicting and available in three flavours: chocolate, vanilla, anise. At only 23 calories each, they are the perfect blank canvas for ...
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colavita bike contest

Enter to Win a Van Dessel Bike with Colavita

Our friends at Colavita are giving away a Van Dessel Bike! They have teamed up with Outcycling for this contest where you can win a one of a kind Van Dessel bike. Always ride in style and with pride. Head ...
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Scarpone's Peppers Stuffed With Ricotta Goat Cheese

Scarpone’s Peppers Stuffed With Ricotta Goat Cheese

Scarpone’s Peppers Stuffed With Ricotta Goat Cheese packed in brine can be put out as a starter or added to a plate of antipasto. They are very mild and similar to Peppadews, with a sweet, briny flavour and subtle kick ...
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Scarpone's Lupini in Brine

Scarpone’s Lupini in Brine

Scarpone’s Lupini in Brine are delicious as a snack or on your antipasti platter. Sometimes we eat them right out of the jar and sometimes we like to mix them with olives and put them out to snack on. Scarpone’s ...
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Molino Dallagiovanna La Napoletana Enriched Wheat Flour for Pizza

Molino Dallagiovanna laNapoletana Enriched Wheat Flour

Pizzas made with Dallagiovanna flours are fragrant, flavoursome and crisp. These flours are also perfect for modern methods and techniques, such as cold fermentation. Making pizza In addition to the traditional professional flours, available in “0” and “00” varieties, laNapoletana ...
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