Scarpones Basil Pesto

Scarpone’s Italian Basil Pesto

For those people who do not have the time to make their own pesto, we have created our own traditional Scarpone’s brand Italian Basil Pesto. Pesto is a savory green condiment or sauce made from a combination of olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, basil leaves and Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Our authentic recipe offers a fresh from the garden taste and compliments any pasta shape you are in the mood for. It is especially delicious with our any of our Scarpone’s Brand Gnocchi. Also try it on pizza, on panini or sandwiches, drizzled over roasted or grilled meat and fish or veggies.

Available in the store or wholesale.


La Napoletana Pizza Flour 00

We now have La Napoletana Pizza Flour 00 available in a smaller size: 2.2lb (1kg).

This pizza flour creates a soft, bubbly outer crust exposing the flavours of the finest ingredients in the world as required by the original recipe and real tradition of Naples. It’s the perfect flour for the authentic Neapolitan pizza.

The flour has been studied and developed by technical experts, together with the best Neapolitan Pizza Chefs and it been officially approved and certified by the famous national Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (AVPN).

Ideal for direct working with a medium rising time (at room temperature up to 12 hours).

Vita Sana Instant Italian Polenta in a box

Polenta is made from ground cornmeal, much like grits from the American South. It usually gets cooked low and slow on the stove or using the Vita Sana Instant Italian polenta in a box ready in 5 minutes. You can use any combination of water, milk, cream and butter when making polenta. Serve it creamy, chilled and cut into squares and baked or fried, make it into cookies or pair it up with a tasty marinara sauce.

Vita Sana Instant Italian Polenta is ready in 5 minutes!


laNapoletana Tipo 00 flour

Now available in our retail store, The Italian Store, laNapoletana Tipo 00 flour in a smaller [1 kg] size.

Non GMO laNapoletana is the flour of choice used at CAST Alimenti, Italy’s Food, Art, Science and Technology Centre in Brescia.

The perfect size for home made pizzas!

Salerno Pizza Mozzarella

Salerno Partly Skimmed Mozzarella boasts a buttery texture and a mild creamy flavour. This semi-soft cheese compliments spicy food and is ideal for pizza or panini sandwiches. Available wholesale.

Scarpone’s Fire Roasted Peppers

Scarpone’s own Old Fashioned Fire Roasted Sweet Peppers are available in the store and wholesale through our distribution centre.

Use on pizza, focaccia, in pasta, salads, soup, panini and even in stews and casseroles. So many ways to use these delicious peppers.

Minerva Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Minerva Horio Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil is from Greece. Horio in Greek means “village.” Greeks are very attached to their Horio; one’s village is typically a place that young Greeks visit every year, for holidays or vacation. Horio is the place from which the family elders pass on traditions, culture, family secrets and recipes, inspired by the fresh ingredients by which they are surrounded. It signifies family, authenticity, serenity, warmth, relaxation and, to most, home-made delicacies.

This superior olive oil for cooking and salads. Available in the store and through our warehouse.

Gioia Amaretti

A great accompaniment to your morning or afternoon espresso or coffee is Gioia Amaretti Italian Biscuits. Find these delicious cookies in our store, The Italian Store and available for purchase via our warehouse.

Scarpone’s Gnocchi

Scarpone’s Gnocchi are soft pillowy potato dumplings. A classic Italian pasta makes for a hearty meal regardless of how you serve them.

Bake with cheeses, saute with vegetables, dress in a tangy tomato sauce or even served with our very own home made pesto found in the freezer section of our store, they are a delicious meal.

Find them in our store and available wholesale. Other products available: Gnocchetti and cheese Gnocchi.