About Us

Generations of Good Taste

Scarpone Foods is the largest wholesale distributor of Italian and Mediterranean products in Western Canada. Find many of our products including our own label in major retailers and restaurants spanning the four Provinces.
Established in 1956 and a division of Great West Italian Importers, the Scarpone’s office and distribution warehouse sit next to our retail operation, The Italian Store in North East Calgary.
Scarpone’s has been importing, packing and distributing products throughout Western Canada for over 60 years with distribution from Victoria to Thunder Bay.

Our aim has remained clear and focused:

  • To provide and familiarize the consumer with quality choice Italian or Mediterranean goods at an excellent price
  • To provide our retail partners with choice quality product and having these partners realize tremendous sales with superior margins

We are proud to be offering Canadians the best in Italian and Mediterranean foods via our in house Scarpone’s products along with distributing some of the industry’s finest and most well known brands.

Our Strengths?

  • We use only choice quality ingredients
  • Mass importation direct to Western Canada makes the Scarpone’s line an economically attractive choice
  • Western based warehousing ensures flexibility in turn around times for product availability

With literally generations of experience in the Canadian retail food distribution industry, the team at Scarpone Foods are well familiar with all retail industry trade practices as well as with what is involved in creating and distributing quality food products. But just as importantly we realize that a good food product is nothing without first rate services and support. From the small container that will fit in the corner cupboard of anyone’s kitchen to the large sizes for restaurant use, Scarpone’s is the perfect fit.



We are Western Canada’s premier brand builder and distribution solution since 1958