Scarpone's Lupini in Brine

Scarpone’s Lupini in Brine

Scarpone’s Lupini in Brine are delicious as a snack or on your antipasti platter. Sometimes we eat them right out of the jar and sometimes we like to mix them with olives and put them out to snack on.

Scarpone's Lupini

Scarpone’s Lupini

High in protein and fiber, they are also packed with antioxidants.

To eat them, take a lupini bean in your fingers and bite part way through the top part of the bean (where the little white part is) to break open the skin, but don’t bite the bean inside.

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Scarpones Caperberries in Vinegar

Scarpone’s Caperberries in Vinegar

Caperberries are the immature fruit of the Caper bush.

Typically the Caper bush’s unopened flower buds are harvested before they bloom, and sold as Capers.

If the buds are allowed to blossom, and produce fruit, Caperberries are the very young, immature fruit that is produced.

Caperberries are about the size of a very small grape. They have pale olive-coloured skin only about 1 mm thick, with faint white stripes. They are white inside, with tiny, crunchy seeds that are very flavourful. After pickling, they will have the same firmness as green olives.

Scarpone's Caperberries in Vinegar

Scarpone’s Caperberries in Vinegar

They are cured in brine, then pickled in vinegar. Their flavour is milder than capers, but they do acquire a salty, tangy taste from the processing.

Serve our Scarpone’s Caperberries as you would olives, or use in cocktails.

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Scarpone's Whole Chilli in Oil

Scarpone’s Whole Chilli in Oil

Our Scarpone’s Whole Chilli in Oil (also known as Olio Santo) is a store favourite! Here are a few of the ways you can use this delicious tasting oil:

> As a marinade. On everything.
> Serve with crudités
> Add to salad dressings
> Drizzle over tomatoes, eggs, noodles, slaw, bacon
> Add to pasta
> Toss with cucumbers
> Delicious with cooked vegetables
> Use like a hot sauce
> Flavour stews and slow roasted meats
> Try in desserts like Brownies

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Scarpone’s Gnocchi

Scarpone’s Gnocchi are soft pillowy potato dumplings. A classic Italian pasta makes for a hearty meal regardless of how you serve them.

Bake with cheeses, saute with vegetables, dress in a tangy tomato sauce or even served with our very own home made pesto found in the freezer section of our store, they are a delicious meal.

Find them in our store and available wholesale. Other products available: Gnocchetti and cheese Gnocchi.