La Molisana Pasta

La Molisana Pasta

We are the only certified (by La Molisana Italy) Distributors of La Molisana Pasta in Western Canada. Feel good knowing if you bought La Molisana Pasta at your local store it’s come through our warehouses and distribution centre to get to you!

If you are interested in purchasing La Molisana Pasta for your business, take a look at our Pasta Products Page and call the office for more information 403-275-8222.

La Molisana Pappardelle No 205

Example of the La Molisana pasta we carry | La Molisana Pappardelle No 205

Great West Importers

For 60 years Great West Importers has been importing and distributing only the best European and Mediterranean products to stores and restaurants all over Western Canada. We sell many of these products in our retail store, The Italian Store.

La Molisana

Founded in 1912 by the Carlone Family, the Molisana Pasta Factory was created as an artisanal workshop. Within a few decades they became a leader in durum wheat pasta production by carefully selecting and grinding only the finest varieties of wheat. La Molisana remains a leader in pasta production today.

La Molisana pasta dough

La Molisana pasta dough | Photo Credit La Molisana

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