Caper berries with Stem

Scarpone’s Caper berries with Stem

Capers are the unopened buds of the caper bush that are pickled and used in recipes or as a garnish.

Caper berries are the fruit of the caper bush, generally found with the stem on and also pickled. Caper berries can be starchier than capers, and are often served with cocktails the way you might serve olives. They have a bite of a sour or tangy bite and go good with feta or stuffed with goat cheese. Other ways to use the caper berries:

  • Garnish smoked salmon
  • Sprinkle on pizza with anchovies and olives
  • Mix chopped caper berries and Parmesan into an aïoli for a delicious dip
  • Add to any charcuterie board or platter
  • Make a salad and sprinkle on top

Scarpone’s Caper berries with Stem can be purchased in the store and available wholesale.

Scarpone's 3 ingredient beans

Our Beans Have a New Look

We’ve always been proud of our beans. That’s why we decided to change up our labels and give them a new look.

This customer favourite product of ours contains only three ingredients: beans, spring water, sea salt. With only healthy ingredients in our canned beans, you won’t require any enzyme-based dietary supplement after eating them. Or before.

Watch for our newly labeled beans to be rolling out in stores all over Western Canada, including our own.

Also available through the warehouse.

Scarpone's Chick Pea Salad

Scarpone’s Chick Pea Salad