La Napoletana Pizza Flour 00

We now have La Napoletana Pizza Flour 00 available in a smaller size: 2.2lb (1kg). This pizza flour creates a soft, bubbly outer crust exposing the flavours of the finest ingredients in the world as required by the original recipe ...
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Family Day Alberta

Closed for Family Day

We will be closed Monday, February 19th for the Family Day Holiday. We reopen tomorrow, Tuesday, February 20th, 9am – 5pm for regular hours ...
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Scarpone's 3 ingredient beans

Our Beans Have a New Look

We’ve always been proud of our beans. That’s why we decided to change up our labels and give them a new look. This customer favourite product of ours contains only three ingredients: beans, spring water, sea salt. With only healthy ...
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Vita Sana Instant Italian Polenta in a box

Polenta is made from ground cornmeal, much like grits from the American South. It usually gets cooked low and slow on the stove or using the Vita Sana Instant Italian polenta in a box ready in 5 minutes. You can ...
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018! ...
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laNapoletana Tipo 00 flour

Now available in our retail store, The Italian Store, laNapoletana Tipo 00 flour in a smaller [1 kg] size. Non GMO laNapoletana is the flour of choice used at CAST Alimenti, Italy’s Food, Art, Science and Technology Centre in Brescia ...
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