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San Pellegrino

Celebrating their 120th anniversary this year, San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water is an icon of Italian taste with its elegant style and unmistakable flavour.

Since 1899, San Pellegrino has been a well-established name throughout the world. They are distributed in over 120 countries in all five continents.

San Pellegrino is available in our retail store, The Italian Store, or wholesale through our warehouse. Call our office or your sales rep to find out what varieties are available.

San Pellegrino Cans

San Pellegrino Cans

San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino Launches IED Collaboration Project

The world’s biggest names in sparkling mineral water, San Pellegrino is celebrating their 120th anniversary this year.

As the celebrations for San Pellegrino’s 120 Year Anniversary continue all around the world, they have announced a unique collaboration with Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) for San Pellegrino’s 120th Anniversary.

A a select group of talented students from the prestigious design school, have re-imagined San Pellegrino into a series of illustrations that take you on a journey through the 120 year-old story of the brand. For this digital exhibition, the students were asked to prepare a set of three artworks, to be seen in a continuous row on San Pellegrino’s Instagram wall, with each set playing out a different element of the brand’s story. The illustrations run across four broad themes: Iconic Imagery, Food Experiences, Core Values, History & Heritage.

Launching on October 7th, this project will run throughout October with special creations being revealed each day on the San Pellegrino Instagram Account.

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